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My head hurts

Posted December 16 2007 10:48 pm

Your head would hurt too if you built this website. It's a fragile symphony of javascript, php, and ajax (which is javascript sort of...anyways). It started on a Sunday night playing with Nifty Corners, later with ajax loaded content, throw in a lightbox image viewer for more head hurting, and after a week, it's become sort of a flat file ajax content management system. You can read more about getting all this javascript to play nice together in About This Site.That picture is a CAT scan of my brain, it graphically illustrates how much my head is hurting. If you click it, maybe it will open in lightbox, otherwise it it will open in a new page. Lightbox has been a little flaky in this setup...

But now on to the important stuff - me. My name is Bryan. I work full time prepress for a company named Sina Printing, located in Markham, Ontario. Prepress is good for head-hurting too. I also dabble in web development, and I'm an Adobe Certified Expert, currently with certification in InDesign and Ilustrator. Keeping up is good for head hurting too.

Otherwise, I live a quiet life in the sleepy town of Newamrket, Ontario, where lawn gnomes are real.If you are new to web surfing, the deal is, you click on stuff in that list on the left, and you read stuff. Easy. Your head won't hurt - I do all the head hurting for you.